Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, October 22
1:15 – 5:00 p.m.
Pre-Conference Workshop (4.0 CGFO/CPE)
Conducting a Symphony: Understanding Leadership Styles to Orchestrate Success
Sonata Ballroom
Part One: Understanding Leadership Styles
Ron Holifield, Strategic Government Resources

Today’s government finance professionals are faced with a changing workplace; in turn, the skill sets required to be a successful manager are also changing. On top of that, learning how to manage an office full of various personalities, working styles, and generational perspectives can be difficult. This innovative session will begin by detailing the changes that are taking place, and examine data collected from over 6,000 city managers and corporate executives to understand how managers can play off the strengths of each employee to create a melodious masterpiece!

Those who register for this session will be asked to complete a free Advanced Leadership Assessment by Friday, October 18, which will be discussed during the session. This assessment takes only 15 minutes to complete, and is a quantitative tool to shed light on your leadership style, how you interact with other leadership styles, and how you can use your style to be successful in the workplace. Once you complete the assessment, it will be evaluated and you will receive a customized Career Report and Change Management Report ($150 value). This session will also be an opportunity to analyze your individual assessment results and understand the practical implications for your desired career path through interactive breakout exercises. You won’t want to miss this exciting, outside-of-the-box session!

Wednesday, October 23
8:30 a.m. – Noon
Pre-Conference Workshop (3.5 CGFO/CPE)
Conducting a Symphony: Understanding Leadership Styles to Orchestrate Success
Part Two: Now What?

After gaining insight into your own leadership style, day two offers an opportunity to learn from experienced finance and budget professionals that have navigated their own career paths to top leadership positions in prominent organizations. Hear them talk about how their successes were influenced by their distinct leadership styles, and pass along advice you can take toward the personal career goals you have set. Plan to relive some pivotal decisions, difficult situations, and memorable mistakes as we learn how some well-known executives:

  • Moved from technical experts to organizational leaders;
  • Honed their communication skills to better reach all levels of their organizations;
  • Fostered community and teamwork among diverse workforces;
  • Balanced dependability, adaptability, and flexibility in their positions; and
  • Developed goals and strategies to meet the challenges of their cities.